Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Book Review: True Love and Other Disasters

True Love and Other Disasters by Rachel Gibson

Description: Faith Duffy learned that money was just as important if not more so then love growing up. So when she finds an older man who is willing to take care of her she jumps at the chance. And then they learn to love each other. But that means that a lot of men and women look down on her. When that man dies and leaves her in charge of his hockey team Faith doesn’t know where to even start.

Ty Savage is Canada’s favorite hockey player. When his team is left to the merry widow he can’t help but be anxious. What does she know about hockey – nothing. But their interactions leave each of them wanting more. Can a hockey owner and a hockey player be happy together? What about all the other conceived notions of what is or should be going on between them?

Thoughts: If you like sports and sports teams (as well as a romance) this is one of those books that you will like. It doesn’t focus totally on sports but it definitely is a part of the major plot to the book.

For me this was a quick and happy read. I enjoyed it – there isn’t a ton of subplots – it really just focuses on the relationship of the two people as well as their desire to show each other what they really are. They are more then just a pretty face or a hockey player.

What genre would you consider this?