Monday, August 16, 2010

Manners on the School Bus and Manners on the Playground

I personally found these books to be interesting and educational and couldn't wait till my son was old enough to really get what these books were about.

Well I didn't have to wait that long to see them in action. I recently had my four year old niece over and she found these books on the shelf and couldn't stop having them read to her. She loved them. Over and over she had us read them and every time when we asked her questions she got it. These books definitely taught her some lessons that I know she will take advantage of when she goes to school in the fall.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Book Review: Witch by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie

Witch by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie

This book is supposed to be a young adult book of witches and warlocks. And while I believe that teens will find this interesting as an adult I do as well (which is why I probably like this genre so much). This is the story of Holly Cathers whose parents and best friend die in a tragic accident. She is then shipped off to be with her Aunt MarieClaire.

The thing is Holly's life isn't what she thought it was. In reality she is a witch and a love in a previous life has destined her and her family to tragedy. Her true love is her families arch-enemy a Deveraux.

Can Holly with the help of her cousins Amanda and Nicole stop whatever is going to happen from happening?


When I started this I didn't know if I would like it. The idea of the whole group of them being evil (and the Deveraux's essentially being satanists) seemed like it would be hard to associate positive feelings with the book.  Add to that a quick search turning up a bad review - and the taste in my mouth was bad.

The thing was though that in the long run - it had me interested. I am interested enough to know what is going to happen with Holly and Jare that I keep coming back for more and am now on the second book - Curse.