Monday, May 9, 2011

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

This is the perfect book for kids learning their animals. You can easily teach them the sounds that animals make and they can even read the book themselves. Just let them seet the next page and they will tell you that the Brown Bear sees a Red Bird.

My 18 month old has all three of the books I have seen. Brown Bear, Polar Bear, and Panda Bear. They are all favorites of his!

Monday, May 2, 2011


I had recieved several of these manners books a while back. I enjoyed them - and was sure to talk about them on this blog.  But with new developments wanted to touch base.

My kindergarten age niece had visited a while back and found these books on our shelves. She loved them and we read them over and over again to her. On every subsequent visit she asked if she could read them again.

Well it has been over 2 months since her last visit - and when we went to visit her - she asked us about the books. They obviously made quite the impression. We remind her and our son - whenever we use our manners - about the books. This is a great and easy way to teach your child manners. And before you know it the books are simple enough - that if they are reading - they can read them to you!

Are you Living

When I got this book - I didn't know at what age my son would want it. But while he is only 18 months he LOVES this book.

I think it is the combination of getting to read something that is interesting and different (not just pictures and associations of words) and the fact that it is sung. The book has just enough words on the page - and you can interrupt your song every so often to teach the child more about what the book has to say (in this case what it means to be alive).

Definitely a recommendation I would give!

While it isn't intended for children that young - I found it a fun book to read and the song makes it a fun book to listen to!

Away for a while

I know, I know - I have been away for a while. But that is the way it works when you have a small child at home.

So because of the said child - I will be changing the format of this blog a bit. Still going to be reviewing books. But unless I hit a great book for adults (which is unlikely as I have very little time to read) I won't be reviewing those. Instead I will be reviewing children's books.

If I have a guest blogger by - they may be all sorts of books!

Thanks again!