Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Book Review: I Can See You

I Can See You by Karen Rose

Description: Eve Wilson was the victim of a horrible crime twice in her life. Who would imagine that it could happen a third time? When she was hurt she learned to escape by going online and now that she is a graduate student she is using that experience to help her with her degree. She follows those in an online world and evaluates them. When her test subjects begin showing up dead – Eve knows she needs to get help.

Enter Noah Webster – homicide detective. He has had his own history with tragic events. He isn’t ready for a relationship but at the same time can’t deny his attraction to Eve. More than anything now he needs to catch a killer and she can help.

Thoughts:Thoughts: This is my second Karen Rose book and I loved them both. They were fun and have a bit of a romantic twist without being all about the romance. Instead they are about the mystery of figuring out who-done-it as well as what is going to happen next.

For anyone who likes mysteries and thrillers I would recommend this book. While it is told from a woman’s prospective I don’t think it would just entertain women.

What genre would you consider this?


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Well-Read Commuter reviews Hedge Fund Wives

Hedge Fund Wives
By Tatianan Boncompagni

What this book is about:
From the author of Guilding Lily comes a tale of New York City movers and shakers. Newly ensconced in her life as the wife of a New York hedge fund derivatives trader, Marcy Emerson is as unimpressed with her neighbors' materialism and gossiping as she is cowed by the seeming perfection of her new female acquaintances. Nevertheless, she dutifully establishes close friendships with fellow hedge fund wives Jill and Gigi as she becomes increasingly aware of her husband's growing preoccupation with money and appearances—especially when she accepts a job in Gigi's catering business. When Marcy faces incontrovertible evidence of how far John's loyal good nature has been stretched, she realizes that for the sake of her own life she must re-evaluate her priorities.

What this book is about:
Hedge Fund Wives whisks the reader off into a world of eight carat diamond rings, personal chefs and private jets as seen through the eyes of New York City newcomer Marcy Emerson. This isn’t your typical novel of over indulgence as Marcy is forced to find herself when she is tossed aside for a thinner, blonder model in the dog-eat-dog world of high stakes finance. Set amid the backdrop of the modern day volatile market, the reader gets to see both the excess and the hangover when that comes after the market crash.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Book Feature: If you were a Triangle

Title: If you were a Triangle
Author: Marcie Aboff
Illustrated by: Sarah Dillard
Publisher: Capstone Publishers
Publication Date: 2010
Description: Triangles are everywhere. This books help point out those triangles to children and explains also the facts about triangles. It even ends with a little quiz, glossary and index. This group of books is great for teaching children – and I would recommend them for everyone!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Book Feature: Cookie

Author: Lisa Woomer
Price: $17.95
Pages: 28
Publisher: Outskirts Press Inc
Publication Date: March 2009
Description: This little girl loves cookies so much that it is all that she eats. What happens when you eat to much of one thing? You turn into it? Can the little girl learn to eat the things that are good for her?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Book Feature: If you were a Plural Word

Title: If you were a Plural Word
Author: Trisha Speed Shaskan
Illustrated by: Sara Gray
Publisher: Capstone Publishers
Publication Date: 2010
Description: One of the first things you learn in grade school is all about plural words. And this book explains all the ways you do that and how it works. This group of books is great for teaching children – and I would recommend them for everyone!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Excerpt from 12 Signs to Connect With Your Significant Other

12 Signs to Connect With Your Significant Other
By Gary Goldschneider,
Author of Gary Goldschneider's Everyday Astrology
March 21-April 20
Strengths: Independent, Honest, Energetic
Weaknesses: Self-unaware, Demanding, Pushy
Interactive Style: Purposeful, Focused, Dynamic

The Aries Relationship
Aries romantic partners can be counted on for their honesty and desire to maintain a close involvement. However, their dynamism is so great that you may not be able to meet their constant demands on your energies. Although they are extremely independent -- and most likely will encourage you to be so also -- they will also want to have daily contact with you, whether virtual, auditory, or physical. They would hate being called needy, since their self-image is one of total independence, yet they are in fact very dependent on their boyfriend or girlfriend, at the very least to listen to them, take their advice seriously, and obey their commands.

April 21-May 21

Strengths: Loving, Caring, Involved
Weaknesses: Overpossessive, Controlling, Manipulative
Interactive Style: Forthright, Frank, Giving

The Taurus Relationship
Tauruses tend to be very possessive in matters of love. They will look at you as belonging to them as much as their home, their car, or their clothes, and they will consider this a great compliment to you. Problems arise, of course, if you do not entirely agree with them, insisting that you are your own person and have the freedom to do as you wish. They may even seem to agree with you, since it only reinforces their belief in their own fairness and shows how secure their love for you really is. But, in fact, they will never want to share you or give you up when their feelings go deep enough.

May 22-June 21

Strengths: Fascinating, Spicy, Sparkling
Weaknesses: Unpredictable, Abrupt, Misleading
Interactive Style: Oblique, Persuasive, Flirtatious

The Gemini Relationship
Having Gemini boyfriends or girlfriends will certainly bring some spice into your life, as well as a good dose of uncertainty, since it is difficult, if not impossible, to predict their behavior. Changing moods guarantee few dull moments but can also put a crimp in your plans or undermine the structure of your relationship. Making appointments can be particularly difficult since, although they usually arrive on time (when they do show up), the greatest danger is that they will abruptly cancel an appointment they never really intended to keep anyway. Exasperating but fascinating, these ephemeral creatures will lead you on a merry chase.

June 22-July 22

Strengths: Affectionate, Kind, Giving
Weaknesses: Irritable, Selfish, Withdrawn
Interactive Style: Self-protective, Accepting, Dependent

The Cancer Relationship
Cancers enjoy being in a steady relationship. Very much creatures of habit, they get used to having their partners at their beck and call. As a result, they will count on them for everything from financial help to sex. Liking things to go well, these folks are affectionate and kind, as long as they get their way. When denied their wishes, they get very crabby and irritable, often withdrawing into their shell and striking out in anger and resentment. Like their symbol, the crab, they are highly self-protective but are also no strangers to pain.

July 23-August 23

Strengths: Confident, Enthusiastic, Supportive
Weaknesses: Career-oriented, Ambitious, Egotistical
Interactive Style: Proud, Demanding, Pushy

The Leo Relationship
Leo boyfriends/girlfriends are involved, committed, enthusiastic, and, in general, supportive of your relationship with them, up to a point. They can be counted on not only on weekends but occasionally during the week as well, as long as you do not interfere with their ambitious career plans. Avoid situations in which they must choose between devoting time to you or to their job, since even if they choose you it may be because they feel pressured to do so. Remember that although Leos may hate to lose you, they are always confident in their abilities to find a replacement.

August 24-September 22

Strengths: Structured, Orderly, Prepared
Weaknesses: Compulsive, Tight, Unyielding
Interactive Style: Calculated, Precise, Orderly

The Virgo Relationship
The fringe benefits of Virgo boyfriends/girlfriends become apparent when scheduling travel, making arrangements and reservations, and planning for the future. Virgos will leave little room for error in their shrewd calculations and need to put such matters in order. Sometimes you will wish they did not need to pin down everything so precisely and left a bit of wiggle room for last-minute changes, but for the most part, they will spare you a lot of time and trouble. Generally speaking, Virgo boyfriends/girlfriends serve the relationship rather than their partners and do their best to preserve its integrity as well as its limits.

September 23-October 22

Strengths: Giving, Affectionate, Loving
Weaknesses: Unhappy, Needy, Selfish
Interactive Style: Selective, Expectant, Affectionate

The Libra Relationship
If you are to be Libra's boyfriend or girlfriend, you had better talk, act, and look good. Libras are very choosy when it comes to those they want to be seen with in public; they also expect to be treated well and shown a good time. You can expect rewards from Libras, but it will be clear that your constant appreciation of them is expected without any thought of receiving anything in return. That said, Libras are very giving in relationships, and those who have their love and full attention are indeed blessed. Problems arise when Libras become unhappy, and these difficulties should not be ignored but addressed as soon as possible, before things get out of hand.

October 23-November 21

Strengths: Caring, Protective, Interested
Weaknesses: Jealous, Possessive, Angry
Interactive Style: Involved, Serious, Self-contained

The Scorpio Relationship
Scorpio boyfriends/girlfriends can be both jealous and possessive. They fully expect your unilateral involvement with them, and at the first signs of your interest in someone else, they are likely to either lash out in anger or become silent, withdrawn, and depressed. Scorpios figure that because they give a lot they should also get a lot, and that you are lucky to have them. But beyond that, for a Scorpio, love is a territorial thing -- they just don't like someone messing with their chosen one. Also protective, they have a real interest in the well-being of their loved ones and can show quiet concern over them in times of illness and need.

November 22-December 21

Strengths: Ardent, Good-humored, Positive
Weaknesses: Disappointed, Hopeless, Abandoned
Interactive Style: Optimistic, Philosophical, Improving

The Sagittarius Relationship
Sagittarians make ardent and intense boyfriends/girlfriends. Yet they can also be quite relaxed, enjoying conviviality, good humor, and delighting in the many pleasures of life. Their positive orientations and excessive energies make them a valuable partner, one who will always seek the best in any situation and bring out the best in you, as their partner. They are not good at handling disappointment, however, and may sink into deep depressions when things are not working out. Easily disappointed, their positive orientations can plummet when rejected, leaving them feeling hopeless and abandoned. However, their buoyant spirits revive quickly, and their philosophical orientation urges them to do better next time.

December 22-January 20

Strengths: Selective, Efficient, Deep
Weaknesses: Opportunistic, Snobbish, Picky
Interactive Style: Serious, Demanding, Direct

The Capricorn Relationship
Capricorns are likely to treat sex in a very matter-of-fact but also highly natural manner. A typical Capricorn attitude is "I got into bed quickly with the other person to get that out of the way; then we could get to know each other better." Although they are very physical beings, going beyond sex is important to a Capricorn, who usually prefers to develop a serious and deep relationship rather than a brief, superficial one. Capricorns are quite capable of holding back until the right person comes along. Thus their innate efficiency and selectivity keeps them from wasting time and energy on losers.

January 21-February 19

Strengths: Fun, Interesting, Exciting
Weaknesses: Drifting, Noncommitted, Unfaithful
Interactive Style: Bright, Cheerful, Open

The Aquarius Relationship
The Aquarius boyfriend/girlfriend is faithful up to a point -- that point usually being when something more interesting comes along. Thus if you can manage to keep Aquarians' faces turned toward you and can satisfy their prodigious and often kinky needs, you stand a chance for longevity in the relationship. Invariably you will have to be forgiving when they do inevitably stray, and be able to laugh off some involvements as being trivial. Your own self-assurance may be the one most important anchor for the ever-drifting Aquarius ship. Needless to say, Aquarians can be more fun than a barrel of monkeys, albeit just as difficult to keep under control.

February 20-March 20

Strengths: Passionate, Seductive, Romantic
Weaknesses: Possessive, Controlling, FearfulInteractive Style: All-involving, Uncompromising, Committed

The Pisces Relationship
Pisces boyfriends and girlfriends give their all in any full-blown romantic relationship. Even the most ordinary or prosaic pairings are given new life and suffused with the profound emotions of a Pisces partner. Those involved with them will attest to their demanding, possessive, seductive, controlling, and passionate natures. Even the most fickle or independent of boyfriends or girlfriends will find it difficult or impossible to carry on other relationships at the same time, and long after their Pisces friend is gone they may well remain in an exhausted state of shock for some time to come.

The above is an excerpt from the book Gary Goldschneider's Everyday Astrology by Gary Goldschneider. The above excerpt is a digitally scanned reproduction of text from print. Although this excerpt has been proofread, occasional errors may appear due to the scanning process. Please refer to the finished book for accuracy.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Book Review: Lip Service

Lip Service by Susan Mallery

Her whole life Skye Titan has done what her father has wanted her to do. Whether it meant marry the man he wanted or take care of the house. That has left Skye in a mansion, widowed, with a child. When her old love returns to town Mitch Cassidy she can't deny her attraction to him.

But will her old man ruin this relationship for her a second time? What about the half brother who will do whatever it takes to bring her down? Can their love survive this time around?

Thoughts: This is my first read in this series (even though it is book 2) and I enjoyed it (and plan to go back to book 1 and read that). There is definitely more then what it seems going on with Skye's father and brother. What is going on there? Will her dad redeem himself? Is he really as evil as he seems? (I am starting to think so).

What genre would you consider this?


Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Well-Read Commuter reviews Everyday Astrology

Everyday Astrology: How to Make Astrology Work for You
By: Gary Goldschneider

What was this book about:
With nearly two million copies in print, Gary Goldschneider's Secret Language of Birthdays and Secret Language of Relationships are mainstays of any bookstore astrology section. Now the best-selling author has returned with his biggest and most ambitious work yet: Gary Goldschneider's Everyday Astrology. Whether you're wooing a Gemini first date, asking a Virgo boss for a raise, or persuading your Pisces roommate to do the dishes, Gary Goldschneider's Everyday Astrology offers advice for any situation imaginable. Once you start paging through this book, you'll find it impossible to stop!

Did you like this book:

I thought this book was interesting. It is broken down into a really easy to use format and filed with insightful information. I read my horoscope just about everyday and I enjoyed thumbing through this guide. The cover of the book and jacket design are appealing and make it an ideal birthday gift for the friend or co-worker that is hard to buy for. Whether you take astrology seriously and want to gain some serious insight or just want to learn a little bit more about your sign Goldschneider’s latest book delivers.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Well-Read Commuter reviews The World According to Twitter

The World According To Twitter
By: David Pogue

What was this book is about:
David Pogue, the weekly tech columnist for the New York Times and CNBC correspondent, dared to pose various questions to his Twitter fans and they answered with hilarious results. Pogue asks his readers to tweet about bad dates, first kisses, annoying bosses, bad toasts, embarassing moments and much more.

Did you like this book;
The World According to Twitter is a delicious walk through the hilarious and bizarre. You don’t have to Twitter to be able to appreciate the bite-sized morsels of humor that deliver a big punch. When asked to finish a familiar saying in a new way one of Pogue’s Tweeters responds, “ He who is without sin.....has a lot of catching up to do.” Need I say more? Good clean fun that you will find a tweet above the rest.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Book Feature: Move It! Work It!

Title: Move It! Work It!
Author: Laura Purdie Salas
Illustrated by: Vivianna Garofoli
Publisher: Capstone Publishers
Publication Date: 2009
Description: Like to sing? Want your children to learn about simple machines. The easiest way to remember anything is through music. And this book combines the two of those things to help your children remember the facts and concepts that you are teaching them!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Book Review: Bending the Rules

Bending the Rules by Susan Andersen

Description: Poppy Calloway isn't a rich girl trying to help out some underprivledged kids. She had a very special youth herself. When several children get in trouble for tagging the local businesses - Poppy can't help but take them under her wing.

Detective Jason de Sanges had a rough childhood. And he believes that you are what you do. And these kids are trouble. He can't convince Poppy to stay away from them. Can he realize the true reasons that Poppy does what she has? What happens when violence threatens her and the kids?

Thoughts: I liked the first book in this series and I like this one even more. It is a fun read. It is great to see how the kids redeem themselves both in their own eyes and those around them. Add to that the romance and this book will keep you entertained from start to finish.

What genre would you consider this?


Monday, October 12, 2009

Book Feature: The Adventures of Hercules

Title: The Adventures of Hercules
Author: Martin Powell
Illustrated by: Jose Alfonso Ocampo Ruiz
Publisher: Capstone Publishers
Publication Date: 2009
Description: A graphic novel about the Greek hero Hercules. The story is told in a new way that will intrigue any child.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Book Review: If your kid eats this book, everything will still be okay

If your kid eats this book, everything will stillbe okay by Lara Zibners, M.D.
How to know if your child's injury or illness is really an emergency!

Description: A list of various things that can happen to a child. Written in plain English (not just for doctors) it tells you if this is something you need to worry about or if you can chalk it up to being just normal kid stuff!

Thoughts: I really liked this book. It is one that I will keep on my shelf to look things up in for years to come. As a soon-to-be parent, it was a good start to finish read to tell me what I could be seeing coming in the future. But I would guess for most people the better goal with a book like this is to use it as more of a reference book. It has a handy index at the end that can keep you looking in the right direction.

I thought this was simple to read but didn't have the book treating like you knew nothing - but not getting overly complicated when it wasn't needed. Great for parents!

What genre would you consider this?


Friday, October 9, 2009

Book Review: Double Enchantment

Double Enchantment by Kathryne Kennedy

Jasminia has a secret. Her mother steals things. So Jasminia is a normal lady who must fix things so that her mother's secret isn't out. On one of these trips she casts a spell and things go haywire. She creates a twin of herself. This twin is out there causing all sorts of problems for herself and her family.

Sterling is a shapeshifter who only wants to find his missing sister when he comes accross Jaz's twin. There is an instant attraction there. When he meets the real thing he can't help but help her solve her problem (especially if the Crown wants him to). But there is no easy solution that is for sure.

Thoughts: You would think this book had a little of all the things I love. Witches and shapeshifters, historical, romance. That I would love it. It was just ok for me though. It wasn't bad. I kept reading it - which means that it didn't totally upset me. But there was just enough about it that seemed odd that I didn't like it.

Maybe it was the world they live in - this weird regency England where everyone knows about the super powers that they have. Maybe it was the idea of two people who were parts of the same - both falling for the same person. Are they really parts of a whole or something completely different? You aren't sure until the end.

What genre would you consider this?
Paranormal Historical Romance


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Book Feature: Jason and the Golden Fleece

Title: Jason and the Golden Fleece
Author: Nel Yomtov
Illustrated by: Gerardo Sandoval
Publisher: Capstone Publishers
Publication Date: 2010
Description: A graphic novel about Jason’s quest for the golden fleece. Told in a new way that will intrigue any child.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Book Review: Lover Avenged

Lover Avenged by J.R. Ward

Description: Rehvenges is a sympath who has hidden amongst the other vampires for years. Few know his secret (for if he was found out he would be sent away to a special camp). One of those who knows his secret is Wrath the Blind King and leader of the Brotherhood.

When someone wants to kill Wrath - Rehv stops it. The Lessoning Society seems to be gaining power and they know they have to stop it. Meanwhile Rehv has met a woman that he thinks he can love - Ehlena. But if Ehlena knew who he really was (both a sympath and a drug selling nightclub owner) she would run far away from him. Rehv has his own secrets and has been selling his soul to keep them secrets.

The Lessoning Society needs to be stopped. But can they? What is going on with Wrath and his blindness? Do some of the old rules need to be changed?

Thoughts: As these books have progressed they have become more about the larger story - then the individual romances. I am not complaining - I like it. It allows you to become invested in characters you will see incoming novels. It makes it entertaining when you have a book like this at over 500 pages.

I enjoyed this book a lot and can't wait to see what is next in this series.

What genre would you consider this?
Paranormal with a touch of romance


Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Well-Read Commuter reviews The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow
By: Michael Connelly
Narrated By: Peter Giles

What This Book Is About:
Forced out of the Los Angeles Times amid the latest budget cuts, newspaperman Jack McEvoy decides to go out with a bang, using his final days at the paper to write the definitive murder story of his career. He focuses on Alonzo Winslow, a 16-year-old drug dealer in jail after confessing to a brutal murder. But as he delves into the story, Jack realizes that Winslow's so-called confession is bogus. The kid might actually be innocent. Jack is soon running with his biggest story since The Poet made his career years ago. He is tracking a killer who operates completely below police radar and with perfect knowledge of any move against him. Including Jack's.

What Did You Think Of This Book:
This is a solid book with a really likeable main character, Jack McEvoy. I listened to the audio book while traveling with friends and the entire car was completely silent as the story unfolded. The story flows along at a good pace and wraps up neatly at the end. While it is a crime mystery, there is not a lot of gore. It is a smart, sexy thriller that I can see having a wide appeal.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Book Feature: If you were a Plural Word

Title: If you were a Plural Word
Author: Trisha Speed Shaskan
Illustrated by: Sara Gray
Publisher: Capstone Publishers
Publication Date: 2010
Description: One of the first things you learn in grade school is all about plural words. And this book explains all the ways you do that and how it works. This group of books is great for teaching children – and I would recommend them for everyone!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Book Review: Lavender Morning

Lavender Morning by Jude Deveraux (Book one in Edilean Series)

Description: Jocelyn Minton had everything. Then one day her mother was taken away and she was left with a father who loved her but couldn't identify with her. Add to that evil stepsisters and stepmother and she was alone. Until she found Edilean Harcourt. Edilean was the grandmother she never had. She loved her and took care of her in ways no one had in years.

When one day Edilean dies of old age - she leaves Jocelyn a legacy. A house in the town that is named after her family. She also leaves Jocelyn the need to find out waht really happened - why did she leave? Why was she being financially supported by a man who didn't have to support her?

Thoughts: I love Jude Deveraux's historicals. They are some of my favorite books of all time. Now she seems to write mostly contemporary romances. And while they aren't all my favorites - they definitely have promise as well.

In this one it seemed quite predictable what was going on at least with the main character's romance. I knew who she should end up with - but then again it was written so that you would know if you paid attention at all. I enjoyed the flash back series of things going on with finding out the truth of what happened. It makes me sad that the two lovers were parted and didn't have a second chance at love.

I look forward to seeing what is next to come for Jocelyn's friends.

What genre would you consider this?