Monday, October 19, 2009

Book Review: Lip Service

Lip Service by Susan Mallery

Her whole life Skye Titan has done what her father has wanted her to do. Whether it meant marry the man he wanted or take care of the house. That has left Skye in a mansion, widowed, with a child. When her old love returns to town Mitch Cassidy she can't deny her attraction to him.

But will her old man ruin this relationship for her a second time? What about the half brother who will do whatever it takes to bring her down? Can their love survive this time around?

Thoughts: This is my first read in this series (even though it is book 2) and I enjoyed it (and plan to go back to book 1 and read that). There is definitely more then what it seems going on with Skye's father and brother. What is going on there? Will her dad redeem himself? Is he really as evil as he seems? (I am starting to think so).

What genre would you consider this?


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