Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Well-Read Commuter reviews The World According to Twitter

The World According To Twitter
By: David Pogue

What was this book is about:
David Pogue, the weekly tech columnist for the New York Times and CNBC correspondent, dared to pose various questions to his Twitter fans and they answered with hilarious results. Pogue asks his readers to tweet about bad dates, first kisses, annoying bosses, bad toasts, embarassing moments and much more.

Did you like this book;
The World According to Twitter is a delicious walk through the hilarious and bizarre. You don’t have to Twitter to be able to appreciate the bite-sized morsels of humor that deliver a big punch. When asked to finish a familiar saying in a new way one of Pogue’s Tweeters responds, “ He who is without sin.....has a lot of catching up to do.” Need I say more? Good clean fun that you will find a tweet above the rest.

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