Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Book Review: I Can See You

I Can See You by Karen Rose

Description: Eve Wilson was the victim of a horrible crime twice in her life. Who would imagine that it could happen a third time? When she was hurt she learned to escape by going online and now that she is a graduate student she is using that experience to help her with her degree. She follows those in an online world and evaluates them. When her test subjects begin showing up dead – Eve knows she needs to get help.

Enter Noah Webster – homicide detective. He has had his own history with tragic events. He isn’t ready for a relationship but at the same time can’t deny his attraction to Eve. More than anything now he needs to catch a killer and she can help.

Thoughts:Thoughts: This is my second Karen Rose book and I loved them both. They were fun and have a bit of a romantic twist without being all about the romance. Instead they are about the mystery of figuring out who-done-it as well as what is going to happen next.

For anyone who likes mysteries and thrillers I would recommend this book. While it is told from a woman’s prospective I don’t think it would just entertain women.

What genre would you consider this?


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