Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Well-Read Commuter reviews Hedge Fund Wives

Hedge Fund Wives
By Tatianan Boncompagni

What this book is about:
From the author of Guilding Lily comes a tale of New York City movers and shakers. Newly ensconced in her life as the wife of a New York hedge fund derivatives trader, Marcy Emerson is as unimpressed with her neighbors' materialism and gossiping as she is cowed by the seeming perfection of her new female acquaintances. Nevertheless, she dutifully establishes close friendships with fellow hedge fund wives Jill and Gigi as she becomes increasingly aware of her husband's growing preoccupation with money and appearances—especially when she accepts a job in Gigi's catering business. When Marcy faces incontrovertible evidence of how far John's loyal good nature has been stretched, she realizes that for the sake of her own life she must re-evaluate her priorities.

What this book is about:
Hedge Fund Wives whisks the reader off into a world of eight carat diamond rings, personal chefs and private jets as seen through the eyes of New York City newcomer Marcy Emerson. This isn’t your typical novel of over indulgence as Marcy is forced to find herself when she is tossed aside for a thinner, blonder model in the dog-eat-dog world of high stakes finance. Set amid the backdrop of the modern day volatile market, the reader gets to see both the excess and the hangover when that comes after the market crash.

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