Monday, May 12, 2008

Spells and Sleeping Bags

Spells and Sleeping Bags by Sarah Mlynowski

What was this book about?
Rachel is back and this time she has powers too. After the last year, watching her sister develop her powers, and her mother go back to using her powers Rachel felt a bit left out (not that she didn’t let magic get in the way of her life).

Now her powers have come to fruition just in time for her to go to summer camp with her sister Miri. She is convinced this summer will be spectacular. Her big crush Raf is even going to be there. Unfortunately for Rachel she doesn’t have her powers quite under control, which leads to all sorts of mistakes. And even when she is getting control strange things seem to be happening to her.

What was your favorite part about this book?
I am really glad that Rachel now has her own powers and doesn’t have to pray on her sister.

What was your least favorite part about this book?


What genre would you consider this?

Teen Fiction


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