Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Book Review: Under her Skin

Under her Skin by Susan Mallery

Description: Book one in the Titan sisters’ series. The Titan sisters have always had a bit of a thing with their father. He doesn’t seem to love or appreciate them. So they strive to get his attention. For Lexi Titan that meant opening up a spa on her own and making something of herself. When a mysterious loan finally comes due and almost means her losing her spa she will do anything to stop that from happening.

Cruz Rodriguez has the money but not the connections and he knows a Titan can give him those connections. When he finds out that Lexi needs something from him it is the perfect opening for a fake engagement. Their past has shown both of them that they have an attraction for one another, so this should work out great – right?

Thoughts: I have read the books out of order so I knew a little about what was going to happen in this one before it did. I can’t wait to see how they all end and they find out how good of a person their father (and the mysterious loan person) are. Right now they seem pretty darn evil.

In terms of this story in particular I enjoyed it. Cruz is a hard man. He ignores his daughter, has heart Lexi, but it is all because he just doesn’t know who to trust. And a woman that can teach him that he is worth everything in her life is important.

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