Friday, December 7, 2007

The Baby Chronicles

The Baby Chronicles by Judy Baer

Whitney Blake has been married to Chase Andrews for a few years now. Her friends Mitzi and Kim have become baby crazy and she can’t help but get bit by the same bug. She journals everything that happens on hers (and their) road to motherhood.

While I personally love books about people’s lives and happiness, especially when they have quirky friends like Whit this book was not what I had expected. There was a big message about god and lots of religious quotes in it that it just didn’t project on the cover or description. While the story of their lives was really good and I didn’t want to quit reading because I was emotionally invested in what was going to happen next, I probably wouldn’t read any more about Whitney’s life since I really just didn’t want to ready about how god had a hand in it.

Romance: Little
Sex: None even though babies popped out
Mystery: None
Violence: None
Overall: D+ - the book was ok but the religious overtones was just too much for me. Not to mention there were times I was screaming at the characters that they were all stupid idiots. How could they just not see things that were in their faces!

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