Monday, December 17, 2007

Over Hexed

Over Hexed by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Way too sexy Sean Madigan is plagued by the women in his town. They all want him. So when he finds Dorcas and Ambrose and they offer to help him – he takes them up on the offer (though he doesn’t know they are a witch and wizard). They introduce him, indirectly to his soul mate Maggie. Sean and Maggie are instantly attracted to one another, but both interested in buying the same piece of land. Maggie must get the land if she wants to keep her job.

It is really hard to believe that any man would be so hot that women would be falling over him and embarrassing themselves quite the way they do around Sean. It is very sickening. And for him to finally be able to be free of it all and want it back right away just because he meets Maggie and she doesn’t really want him (and yet she does) seems a little strange. The book is slow at times and the whole witch/wizard/dragon thing fits in oddly overall.

Romance: He definitely tries which he has never had to do
Sex: It is pretty hot
Mystery: None
Violence: None
Overall Grade: C- - slow and strange – not sure that I really liked it. I had to force myself to continue at times.

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