Monday, December 3, 2007

Helen of Troy

Helen of Troy by Margaret George

This is the story of Helen of Troy as a young girl until after the fall of Troy. You follow Helen as she learns of the prophesies that guide her life and the gods that guide and protect her. Find out about Helen’s family and her interaction, as well as how their lives both are affected and lived separately without Helen. You meet Paris as he and Helen first fall in love. You find out what Helen thinks as all these things are going on in the world around her.

It is really interesting to find a book that is not full of prose, and easy to read, that has all of the classic Greek stories in it built into one novel. While I had some knowledge of the basic stories of Achilles, Helen, Paris, and even some of the minor characters in the novel I found out all sorts of new things that played into the story.

Romance: 2
Sex: 2
Mystery: 2
Violence: 3
Overall Grade: B+

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