Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Dark Highlander

The Dark Highlander by Karen Marie Morning (Highlander Series Book 5)

Dageus MacKelter is part of a special race who has been protecting the human race for centuries. Many years ago he was cursed when he used his special powers granted by the fairies for personal gain, to save the life of his beloved twin brother. He now must figure out a way to break the curse. During his pursuit of ancient texts that may hold the answer he meets Chloe Zanders, a student of antiquities who is ready to join in him in his quest.

Lots of lust and love helps these two find each other as they are meant to be together. He definitely is meant to be with her from the onset and the story shows how he pursues her without just jumping into bed.

Romance: Lots – he is big and sexy and just wants to show her that he can love her for eternity
Sex: Lustful thoughts lead to the bed
Mystery: None
Violence: Not really any there
Overall Grade: B+ - because this is my first read in the highlander series and I really enjoyed it overall. I will definitely keep reading them.

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