Saturday, April 17, 2010

Author Interview: Peter Begley Author of The Finger Prince

Tell us a little about yourself

I grew up on the lower east side of New York City where at the ripe old age of 2 I did my first drawings. I continued to draw my way into different art schools and eventually became an art director for and award winning advertising agency, working on TV commercials and print ads. In my spare time I worked on screenplays, TV shows ideas, even comic strips. One of those comic strip ideas turned into the children's book . It never dawned on to write a children's book. I have never been married and have no children, unless you count my 48 year old parrot Giba. Who I've had since she was 6 months old. But a children's book was what this idea was best suited from. The Finger Prince was born.

Tell us about your book

The Finger Prince is the story of a little finger print who is looking for his identity. The story touches upon the importance of self worth and self esteem for every young child. As no two fingerprints are alike, no two children are alike. Each must find their way and discover their own uniqueness.

Where did you come up with the inspiration for your books?

Everywhere, It's all about being observant and listening to your inner voice. The key is not to have any preconceived ideas. Be as open as a child.

What question do you get asked in regards to the book?

I can only remember the very first question i was asked as I read the book to a group of children for the first time. I was a little nervous knowing that kids could be brutally honest. To my relief their first question was, when are you going to write another one?

What prompted you to begin writing?

I always loved to draw and my playfulness took over from there. While in the ad business I worked with very talented writers and found out that putting words and pictures together was what I really liked doing.

What is your favorite part about writing? Your least favorite part?

My favorite part is in coming up with the idea for the book. Then its the writing and drawing. My least favorite part would be finalizing of all the details like checking the spelling. I'm the world's worst speller.

What are you working on next?

The next Finger Prince book will be a musical. The story will be told in a song that will have music for voice and piano.

If you could not have been a writer what do you think you would want to be?

In the last 7 years I've learned to sing and I've done so in both large and small choirs. I just love it. i find enormous joy in it.

What do you wish I would ask you?

We'll how about, do I ever get writers block? The answer is yes and no. We all get stuck sometimes but it happens less often. The Finger Prince was originally an idea for a comic strip called The Finger Prints., but it was never finished. After dropping it for many years I realized, by accident, it was really a children's book. So now I'm always working on multiple projects. If one of them stalls I move to another and later go back to the stalled project. There's an old saying that if you keep watching the pot the water never boils. It works the same for ideas.

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