Saturday, April 10, 2010

Book Review: Immortal in Death

By: J.D. Robb

I have slowly begun to start over with the "In Death" series. I have loved it for a long time and started at the beginning of the series and found it to be great. While J.D. Robb/Nora Roberts is a prolific author - they don't seem to come quick enough for me.

As I have moved to more audio books (the joys of having an infant) I thought it might be the perfect opportunity to start over and see how the relationships of everyone that I have grown to get to know have changed. And I have to say it was refreshing. Had I forgotten about how Mavis and Leonardo got started? Or even how things started out for Rourke and Eve. When/how did Peabody join the picture (it sure seemed like she had always been around)?

The series itself is great. The fact that it is set in the future only adds to the appeal (though I did have a stray thought coming in to work today - why doesn't Roarke hook Eve up with some sort of homing beacon - she sure does have bad things happen to her where they can't find her all the time).

With all of that in mind - I definitely recommend to whoever is interested - picking up this book or set of books. I will be listening to book 4 as we speak.

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