Sunday, June 15, 2008

Devil Takes a Bride

Devil Takes a Bride by Gaelen Foley (Knight Family Book)

What was this book about?

Devil Strathmore has had a tough life. His family is killed in an accidental fire (that he blames himself for) when he was a teen. Now his only loved one is his Aunt – Dowager Viscountess Strathmore. He loves her but is afraid to show his love because he doesn’t want the people he loves to leave him (and they have a history of doing so). During one visit to his aunt he meets her lady’s companion Lizzie Carlisle.

Lizzy is everything he could want in a woman (which means his aunt is going to try her best to make sure that they end up together). What Lizzie doesn’t know is that Dev has figured out what really happened the night that his parents were murdered. And he is ready to reek his vengeance. This plan though could but them both in danger as he tries to get close to those who really were at fault.

What did you like/dislike about the book?

It was a nice romantic novel. The characters were fun and yet flawed (as we all are). There wasn’t too much extra stuff going on – but also wasn’t boring.

What genre would you consider this?

Historical Romance

Overall: B

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