Monday, June 23, 2008

Goodnight Nobody

Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner

What was this book about?

Stay at home mom (and former journalist) Kate Klein found herself in the position she is currently in – through no planning of her own. She went from being an up-and-coming city girl to a stay at home suburban mother of three children under the age of 5. Kate is doing everything she can to fit in with the suburban mom crowd but she just doesn’t seem to get it right.

Then everything changes when one of her neighbors and mother is killed and Kate is the one that finds her. Kate cannot help but be drawn into the story – she wants to find the truth. With the help of her friend carpet heiress Janie Segal she will find everything out. Her neighbor definitely had many secrets.

When one of these secrets puts Kate back in touch with her former flame, Eric McKenna, Kate must make a decision. Is the family that she has built worth the excitement that she is missing.

What did you like/dislike about the book?

For me in some parts it was just a little slow. You never know much about the killed housewife until she died (which may be good – no time to mourn her). But it just seems odd that it is that small of a world – that they are all connected.

What genre would you consider this?


Overall: B-

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