Thursday, June 26, 2008

Immediate Family

Immediate Family by Eileen Goudge

What was this book about?

Four friends since college, begin telling their story at their 15 year college reunion. They have always been close but they learn that they are more then just friends – they are a family.

Jay is married to Viv and is about to have his first child. Things seem great on the surface, but Viv has way more energy then him. He would love to stay home and just relax as a family while she wants to have plans every night.

Franny wants nothing more then to have a child. She has a career but has yet to find love. Jay and Viv offer to help her by letting her have Jay’s child. What could be better a best friend and your child’s father?

Emerson grew up as the child of affluent parents. Then her father dies and she finds out the truth – they are broke. But her mother still would like to pretend everything is the way it was. Emerson has a good job and can now afford to get her mother everything she needs – even a nurse – because her mother is dieing. She has a good relationship with her ex-husband and a daughter she loves. What else could she want?

Lastly there is Stevie. Stevie has spent her entire life not knowing her her father was. When she finally finds out who he is – she can’t help but want to exonerate him from the gossip that has surrounded his life. Can her relationship with her father help her in her daily living? She can’t seem to commit to anyone – no marriage, no children.

What did you like/dislike about the book?

I really enjoyed it. In some ways it brought me back to my college years. The friends, the relationships, the binding of people in a way that goes beyond blood. I found it to be quite enjoyable. If you want to read something about relationships this is the thing to read.

What genre would you consider this?


Overall: A-

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