Saturday, July 5, 2008

Chasing Harry Winston

Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger

What was this book about?

Three women have been friends since college. They each have their own distinct personalities and yet they can’t help but rely on each other for emotional support.

Emmy is the girl next door – sweet, innocent, and loving. What she wants most out of life is a wonderful husband and children. She has been with the same man for over 5 years but he doesn’t seem ready to take the next step. When he leaves her for a younger woman she can’t help but evaluate the sacrifices she made for him. Her friends and family tell her that she is lucky to be rid of him but she doesn’t know if she believes it. She is ready to go out and finally have a fling or two before she settles down.

Adriana is a beautiful rich girl who relies on her parents to provide for her. She flitters from job to job, man to man. She has what to some would be the perfect life of no commitment. Yet when she hears her friends talking about their jobs she feels left out. She knows that her beauty isn’t going to last forever (her mother can’t help but remind her of it over and over and over again). She agrees that she is ready to move on and change her life – she is going to settle down and get engaged in the next year. With no prospects on the horizon it will be harder for her then just finding a man – she needs to find herself to be happy.

The final member of this trio – Leigh has the life her friends dream of. The perfect man – handsome and loving who wants to spend his life with her. The perfect job – a book editor who seems to be rising in the ranks very quickly. But Leigh’s panic and confronting the fact that this life may be perfect for others but isn’t perfect for you – is rising and she needs to confront it. When a job opportunity at work comes up to edit a world famous author – she jumps at the task and meanwhile is forced to figure out what she wants out of life.

What did you like/dislike about the book?

This book is the perfect realization that 1) the grass is always greener 2) what is good for some people is not what others need out of life 3) you don’t need a man to make you happy. Everyone has different goals and needs as people – be it in their relationships, jobs, or family.

What genre would you consider this?



If I was to nominate this book for an award it would be: Book that I would want to give my single girlfriends.

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Control Holiday Stress said...

Hey- Came to your site looking for blogs to review my book. Must admit, have loved looking at your reviews: short, sweet and descriptive. I’m off to purchase “Chasing harry Winston” now, thanks to you :)