Sunday, July 20, 2008

How the Other Half Hamptons

How the Other Half Hamptons by Jasmine Rosemberg

What was this book about?

Friends and twenty something’s Rachel, Jamie and Allison decide to all partake in the “share house” phenomenon in the Hamptons. They have plans for what their summer is going to be like. They have bought themselves beds in an illegal (albeit common) share house – which has as many beds as you can cram into one very nice house and for a cost you get your bed on alternating weekends.

Each girl has their own agenda. Rachel is looking for a man to marry – her sister found her future husband in a share house just like this one and while she never lives up to her sister she is hoping in this case she will find one. Jamie is a party girl, used to the best clubs and the hottest scenes. It will be an adjustment for her to figure out where she fits into this tableau as it isn’t all about her. Allison is used to having relationships and can’t help but want to jump right into one. She and her 5 year boyfriend just broke up and she needs someone to love her as that is the only way she feels fulfilled.

Each girl finds her way, learning more about herself, and learning more about sharing a house with 30 other people.

What did you like/dislike about the book?

Have you ever wondered what the Hamptons were all about? Especially for the “normal” people who don’t have millions of dollars and flit from society party to society party. If so this book is for you.

It gives a great description of what it is like to be a 20-something who just wants to get the experience of the Hamptons in a way that they can afford. It means mistakes, immature people, cattiness and letting yourself go in ways that you may have never done before.

This book gives great incite into what it would be to just be there – part of the action. Does it make married old me want to catch a plane and be part of a “share house” – not at all. But I was glad to be able to tag along for the ride in this story.

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