Friday, July 4, 2008

Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity

Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity by Kerry Cohen

What was this book about?

Kerry suffers through her parents divorce in a way many children do – by rebelling. Her mother leaves to pursue her own dreams – giving into Kerry’s feelings of abandonment, and Kerry and her sister move in with their father. Kerry’s father really wants to be more of Kerry’s friend then an authority figure and she is left to do what she wants.

What Kerry wants to do is party, meet boys, do drugs and experiment. She wants attention and way to fill the void left in her heart and she does that by appealing to men. She wants them to love her and she finds out the easiest way for them to love her is sexually.

What did you like/dislike about the book?

This book is scary like no horror story I have ever read. I enjoyed it – don’t get me wrong. But the idea that someone’s daughter (or even mine someday) would behave in a way that leaves them open for so much pain and hurt is just frightening.

Her words and story are painfully honest and require every reader to think about themselves and how certain stories mimic their own past. Whether it was the innocent desire or need or even addiction to be loved by someone, or whether you put yourself in situations that had the possibilities that it could hurt you, there is something in there that I believe that every person out there can relate to.

What genre would you consider this?



If I was to nominate this book for an award it would be:
Book I would never let my husband read if we were expecting a daughter.

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