Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Third Circle

The Third Circle by Amanda Quick (An Arcane Society Novel)

What was this book about?

Leona Hewitt is desperate to get back the crystal that has been in her family for centuries. She is an expert crystal user and can feel the crystal. It had been stolen when her mother died years before and it has finally cropped up in the most unusual of places.

Meanwhile – Arcane Society member Thaddeus Ware – is also out to get the crystal for the Arcane Society’s treasure cove. When they run into each other and must save each other’s life to escape with the crystal they can’t help but be drawn to each other.

Leona thinks she is finally safe and has the one thing she has been searching for. Thaddeus knows differently and must convince Leona that she is in danger. While he tries to save her, they must also protect the crystal from getting into the wrong hands because it could mean danger to all of them.

What did you like/dislike about the book?

This isn’t my favorite Arcane Society book. Leona and Thad’s powers are new to the story – but it seems like the same theme over and over again. Arcane society member and person who hates them must rescue the alchemist’s formula so that nothing bad happens to the members.

Is it a bad story? No. Is it well written? Definitely. The new arrival of the Third Circle as an enemy is interesting. I guess I would like to see more history of the group and its members and just see a totally new twist.

What genre would you consider this?

Paranormal Romance


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Hey. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like your's. I see you read Mercy Street. Good review. I plan to read it soon.