Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Stray by Rachel Vincent

fWhat was this book about?

Faythe Sanders has lived a life as one of the few tabbies in a world of werecats. This means she is protected, loved, and sheltered. But Faythe wants more then that – she wants freedom. After escaping the sheltered existence of living in her fathers compound she goes to school, gets a human boyfriend (Andrew) and has friends.

Then things change in the werecat community. Someone is out to kidnap their tabbies. Several have disappeared and there is no way that Faythe’s brothers, father, and ex-boyfriend are going to let that happen to her.

Faythe can’t help but chafe under the new restrictions. She wants nothing more then to find her friends before it is too late. Also, she doesn’t want to live in this life of warecats – she wants to find herself. To add to the complications, her ex-boyfriend Marc, still gets her riled up like no one else and she needs to make sure that she doesn’t let either of them get hurt.

What did you like/dislike about the book?

It took a little time at the beginning. The book was mostly about how she didn’t want to be there but that the community, her father – the Alpha, and everyone else was making her stay. She tried and tried to escape but it just wasn’t happening.

Then things shifted. Faythe became more aware of herself and the community that she was a part of whether she wanted to be or not. That is when the story picks up.

It seems almost like this is book 1 not only of a series but in a larger story. Where we find out what is up with Andrew, what they were kidnapping the women for. Will Faythe become the leader of the werecats.

What genre would you consider this?



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Alyssa said...

I need to finish this book. I started it last year but got stalled a few chapters into it.