Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Divine Justice

Divine Justice by David Bladacci
Description:Oliver Stone (also known as John Carr) is wanted by the government. He knows it and knows that he has done something that is wrong. But there are reasons for it - good ones. His friends in the Camel Club know he is an honorable man who has saved their lives and they will put theirs on the line for him.

So Oliver takes off - trying to have no connections. When he meets a nice boy who needs his help he follows him back to his home town - Divine. Oliver is only planning on staying a little time and getting back on his feet. Instead he is dragged into a mystery of what truly is going on in Divine. And it isn't good.

Can Oliver figure out what it is in time so that he can help his new friends? What about the governmental people who are after him and will stop at nothing to find him?

This was my first Camel Club book and I thought it would be hard to jump in mid series. It wasn't. There definitely is some history that is important to know - but at the same time it is recapped in a way that keeps you interested but doesn't overwhelm you. In fact I have plans to go back and pick up some of the other Camel Club books and read those as well.

I enjoy these flawed hero's. People who are genuinely good people but something happened to stop that. The law and the world around them wasn't giving them justice so they step up to do what is right. But they are good people who maybe have done bad things (mind you I am not suggesting that anyone should do this in real life - I just enjoy reading about it!).

The fact that Stone is a complex character who won't walk away when things get tough and yet is wanted by the law is interesting. He even understands that what he has done is wrong but he was pushed to do it by the need for vengeance.

What genre would you consider this?


Luanne said...

This is a series I've enjoyed too!

Unknown said...

I have yet to read anything by Baldacci. I even own one sitting in my TBR pile!! Thanks for the review. I just found your blog today and love it! :-)

Southern Gentleman said...

Good summary of the book. I just finished it and loved it.