Friday, April 10, 2009

Promises in Death

Promises in Death by J.D. Robb

Description: Eve is always trying to solve murders. Once they become hers she will stop at nothing to figure out what evil has caused this death. When the death is a fellow officer and the lover of one of her friends - she feels even more responsible for following through.

Chief Medical Examiner Morris fell for Amaryllis Coltraine and now she is dead. Is it because of some sort of police work? Was it a fellow officer? Could it just be random? No one knows and it is Eve's responsibility to find out. But as time progresses Eve realizes that Amy wasn't the person that everyone thought she was - she has a past. How is that going to affect Morris when he is already dealing with a horrible death?

I can say it a million times but I love the Eve Dallas books. It is true. Some give me more of what I want then others - and this one is definitely one that fulfilled my Eve quota for a little while.

For me these books are as much about the relationships and progression of Eve herself into being a person she never thought she could be, as it is about solving some sort of mystery. Eve has grown into someone who cares for other people, are involved in their lives, and can show (in her own way) that she cares. After having such a horrible childhood this is difficult for her.

The best "In Death" books focus on Eve's friends and their progression in terms of how they are moving forward in their lives. And this one definitely does that. Not only does her friend's girlfriend die - requiring him to lean on her, but there is a wedding in the future for another friend and that means celebration.

I would recommend this series to anyone who gets involved with a character and doesn't want to put down a book because it means saying goodbye. Because with these books they just keep coming back to tell you more.

What genre would you consider this?



Darlene said...

Those kind of books are the greatest aren't they-the ones where you get to know the characters so well you miss them when you finish the book. I've never read one of these but it sure sounds like a good series.

Kristi said...

I love Eve Dallas also - I really need to get back into this series. When I was working before my son came along, a girlfriend and I used to take turns sharing these books and I was pretty up-to-date on them. Now I think I would need to start over at the beginning!