Thursday, April 16, 2009

At Grave’s End

At Grave’s End by Jeaniene Frost (Night Huntress Novel)

Description: Cat Crawford is the Night Huntress. She is part vampire and part human. She is in love with a very old (and powerful vampire – Bones). She and her friends must stop the vampires (and other creatures) that are evil – stop them from hurting people.

But her hard work is paying off with not only defeating the bad guys – but now everyone knows who she is. In her line of work this isn’t a good thing.

A vamp has come back to town to defeat Bones, hurt Cat, and also destroy everything she loves. Is Cat strong enough to do whatever it takes to defeat this evil?

Thoughts: Loved it, loved it, loved it. This is my first Night Huntress Novel and from now on I won’t hesitate to pick them up.
The character of Cat is a strong woman who wants to make the world a better place. Even though she has some super powers – she has to deal with things like an unhappy mother, relationship problems, and friends who don’t get the idea that she isn’t available.

For anyone who likes paranormal books – I think this is a great one for you to pick up.

What genre would you consider this?



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