Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Book Review: Summer House

Summer House by Nancy Thayer

Thoughts: Stories about family dynamics can be something that you associate with or identify with – or they can be so out there that you just don’t see how that can happen. This book to me isn’t something that I personally identify with but I see this in the families of so many others. Everyone has something that they are ashamed of and want to make themselves better for. In this case you have Charlotte.

You have the family dynamic where the children are each trying to get along but everyone feels like they are entitled to from the parents. The thing is that you don’t have that entitlement. What your parents have is not yours just because they are your children.

Lastly you have the child who finds themselves reverting back to their “role” in the family. But the thing is they aren’t that person anymore but they can’t help but fall back in to the troublemaker role.

I found this book to be entertaining and something that I have seen in families all over the place. Definitely a good summer read.

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Family Dynamics



Cath said...

I love reading summery books in the dead of winter! Great review. :)

歡唱 said...

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