Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Well-Read Commuter Reviews: Trial and Heirs, Famous Fortune Fights

By Andrew & Danielle Mayoras

What this book is about:
In the past years, we have all watched the estate battles of celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Ted Kennedy, Princess Di, Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger, Ray Charles and Rosa Parks play out in multi-million dollar celebrity tabloid slugfests. In thier new book, Trial and Heirs, Legacy Expert Attorneys Andrew W. Mayoras and Danielle B. Mayoras delve beyone the saucy headlines and are your guides to an entertaining look at one of life's more unsavory discussions. This easy-to-follow guide is complete with Tips to Avoid a Family Fight and Ideas to Spark Family Discussion.

Did you like it:
This book could be called Estate Planning for Dummies because it makes learning the details about wills, trusts and legacy planning easy and entertaining. How they managed to make a book about protecting your assets and seeking assistance in legacy planning fun is a mystery to me. I loved it and flipped right through the book. There is also a companion website, www.trialandheirs.com ,for those seeking more information.


Stoney Aphrodite said...

Nice site, very informative. I like to read this.,it is very helpful in my part for my criminal law studies.

Unknown said...

Danielle and Andy -
I love the book. See you Friday at the book signing in Troy!!
Congrats!! Jill