Friday, February 29, 2008

I Thirst For You

I Thirst For You by Susan Sizemore

What was this book about?
Prime vampire Marcus Cage is on the run and is forced to take Josephine Elliot hostage. As he tries to escape those that are after him he can’t help but be attracted to Jo. He recognizes her as his soul mate and doesn’t want to be apart from her despite the bad guys that are on their heals. They try to escape those that want to do evil things to him, as well as destroy their evil plan.
What was your favorite part about this book?
While it wasn’t a horrible book this wasn’t my favorite book either. It is like I can’t pick out something that makes me say – I really loved that.

What was your least favorite part about this book?
Again nothing really stood out for me in hating it. But I will say it started slow and also I am not real keen on the whole – capture me but I can’t help but fall for you in just a little while thing.

What genre would you consider this?
Paranormal Romance

Content in the book:
Romance: Some
Sex: Definitely
Mystery: Not really
Violence: A little
Overall: C, Not the worst book but if this was the first thing I had read by Susan Sizemore I don’t know that I would have been all that excited about pursuing more books.

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