Monday, August 4, 2008

Not Another Bad Date

Not Another Bad Date by Rachel Gibson

What was this book about?

Adele Harris has a history of misery – she lived a lower middle class existence and was picked on for it. She went to college to find the love of her life – Zach Zematis – only to lose him. And ever sense then it seems as if she is cursed when it comes to dating.

At the same time Adele has good friends and a great career writing science fiction books. So when she is called back to her home town to help her sister it comes as a great surprise to run into Zach Zematis.

Her sister needs her – she is alone after her husband just left her – pregnant – and has a teenage daughter who needs someone to look after her while her mother is in the hospital. So Adele can’t leave town whether she wants to or not.

Zach wants to rekindle the flame he had with his college love Adele. Neither can seem to fight the chemistry. But their history seems to be holding them apart, not bringing them together.

What did you like/dislike about the book?

I really liked this book. It was a fun, fast read. A simple romance that doesn’t always go well but still progresses to happiness in the end. I also enjoyed the touch of Zach’s dead wife trying to get into heaven as part of the story. You can’t help but not like the woman, especially since all she tries to do is hurt Zach and Adele. At the same time the whimsical touch makes the story all that more endearing.

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