Friday, August 15, 2008

Ink Exchange

Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr

What was this book about?

Leslie has had a tough life the last few years – her father is a drunk, her mother left, and her brother is a drug dealer who hurts Leslie in so many ways. She has finally found something to look forward to – a tattoo.

Leslie knows nothing of faeries or the fact that her best friend is the Summer Queen. She is intentionally left out of this world as a means of protecting her. She is watched by Aislinn’s friend Niall and he will do anything to keep her from harm.

What no one knows is that this tattoo isn’t a normal – instead it bonds her to Irial the leader of the Dark Court. Can Leslie survive this bond? How can they save her?

What did you think about the book?

This isn’t a sequel to a series in the traditional sense. While you see Keenan and Aislinn the focus of this novel has nothing to do with them but instead Aislinn’s friend Leslie. While I very much enjoyed Leslie’s story and her involvement and progression of Aislinn’s life – in many ways I wanted to know more about Keenan and Aislinn. I was not ready to move on. Marr creates books that while concluding leave you wanting, grasping for more of what is going on in their life. So for me – having a periphery watch on Keenan and Aislinn’s life wasn’t enough.

Independent of her other book, I found this one interesting enough. Again she lets you meet and attach yourselves to characters. She gives you a resolution – maybe not the one you were expecting – and leaves you wanting more. In no way to do you feel cheated by the ending, but this world she has created is so different from anything else you have seen you want to get a larger picture into it.

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