Saturday, August 30, 2008


Tribute by Nora Roberts

What was this book about?

Cilla is a former child star who has had enough of the movie making business. She went through the normal child star disappointment as she became an adult and has moved on to flipping houses. Of course it isn’t that easy when your mother is still in the entertainment business and your grandmother was a very famous actress who died young.

Cilla has decided to return to her father’s hometown and to her grandmother’s famous estate. It has been left vacant for years and has deteriorated to the point where something needs to be done. Cilla is finally ready to settle down and she wants to make this her home.

She meets and can’t help but be attracted to neighbor Ford Sawyer. A comic book artist who has roots in this town as well – and connections to Cilla and her family.

When Cilla finds letters that were written to her grandmother she begins to wonder more about what her grandmother’s life was about. What caused her to tick? Who was her romantic companion? How did she deal with the death of her son?

All these questions and Cilla returning to town has caused a bit of an uproar. And someone seems to be out to get her. Can Cilla get the answers to the secrets that she needs to know in time to save her own life?

What did you think about the book?

“Nora Roberts is cool.” Stephen King is definitely right about this one (it is printed on the back cover jacket of the novel). Nora Roberts writes books that keep you interested – that you don’t want to put down. And she keeps doing it. I love that she always has books out – so that you don’t get tired of waiting for her next one. In fact because of the high quality of her books – if she didn’t write as prolifically as she does – it would be upsetting.

She knocks this one out of the park – just like she does with many others.

What genre would you consider this?



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