Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hot Property

Hot Property by Carly Phillips (Hot Zone Book)

What was this book about?

John Roper has had a tough year athletically. He was in contention for the World Series, instead his team lost and he is being held responsible in the world’s eyes. To make matters worse he injured himself in the last game he played and things just aren’t going as well as they could with his healing. Then of course there is his family, who he loves, that depend on him for everything from soothing hurt feelings to monetarily providing for them. It is a lot of pressure for one guy.

Amy Stone is new to the Hot Zone and she is taking her job quite seriously. She can’t help but be attracted to Roper – but his entanglements are a lot for a girlfriend or a publicist to take. She knows her primary responsibility is to get him ready for the next season. Can she help him get back to fighting shape?

What did you think about the book?

This is a fun romance novel in which you have two people who are very involved with their families. They are relied upon for much more then they should. And if they want to be together (and happy) they need to learn that they aren’t just there as beck and call people for their parents and other family members. For everyone to be happy they need to have their own life.

I found the relationship of John Roper refreshing. I am sure that is very much how family acts to celebrities and athletes. It isn’t that they want to expect them to provide for them but that because they can they just do. And telling people no is really hard when you love them. But in many cases you aren’t doing them a favor by continueing to allow them to rely on you for those sort of things.

What genre would you consider this?

Contemporary Romance


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