Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Book Review: All of Me

All of Me by Lori Wilde

Jillian Samuels is an attorney who has had everything go wrong. She has quit her job and is moving to a small town to take control of a house that she was left by an old friend. What she doesn't know is there is someone already living there. Tuck Manning was an architect in his former life. Since losing his wife he has become mostly a home body. And this small town and the small cottage he has is the only thing that makes life still worth living. He can't believe when Jillian comes to town saying that it is HER house. He will definitely fight for it if he can.

But once they start to spend time together they realize that maybe being in a relationship will be better than arguing about who gets the house!

Thoughts: I liked it. It was a good romance. Both had been hurt before and where scared to let themselves open up to the chance at another romance. It was fun and flirty and yet had a touch of realism (a man who had loved and lost the woman of his dreams opening up for another one). I really enjoyed the older man who wanted to play matchmaker even though he had done wrong with his own daughter. It is a great fun summer read for anyone interested.

What genre would you consider this?


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