Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Book Review: The Greatest Knight

The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick

Description: William Marshal starts of a penniless knight and eventually becomes a favorite of a Queen (and her sons). Queen Elanor of Aquitaine finds William when he risks his life for hers (as any good knight would do) and she realizes she has found a man whose loyalty can rival none.

William becomes a mainstay in the life of the Queen and her children. He follows them through their travails and becomes an integral part of the politics of that time. But life in court is never easy and William risks his life by being a favorite.

Thoughts:I like historical fiction. The problem is I find some of it to be too dry to keep me entertained. At the same time I don't want anything that doesn't have enough history and fact in it to keep me also intrigued. This was a nice blend of both. The story was one I didn't know anything about - so I wasn't sure if I would like it. It is also told from the male perspective - again something that I don't always like. But for me this story - told over years of William's life - was a great piece of historical fiction.

For anyone who likes this time period - I would recommend this book!

What genre would you consider this?
Historical Fiction



Marg said...

I hope that you are inspired to pick up The Scarlet Lion, because I liked it even more than The Greatest Knight.

ibeeeg said...

I have heard many good things about The Greatest Knight before and now again. I know that this is a must read for me as I truly enjoy reading historical fiction. The whole time period is intriguing to me.

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

I don't think Ive seen a negative review of this yet. It sounds terrific.