Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Well-Read Commuter Reviews: Cocktail Time

What this book is about: Fans of Sandra Lee's hit show "Semi-Homemade Cooking" love hearing Sandra say, "It's cocktail time!" The regularly featured segment on her Food Network television show has created a cult following, and for the first time, Sandra is answering her fans' prayers with a new book dedicated to Cocktail Time. The book mixes a selection of Sandra's most popular cocktails and canapes. Whether you're entertaining for your significant other, hosting a few friends, or throwing a big party, this slim, fun guide provides great ideas for mixed drinks that anyone can make at home.

Did you like this book:
The Holiday Season is upon us. Between spending money we don’t have and spending more time with our family, let’s not bother pretending we don’t need a good cocktail or two. Sandra Lee delivers in her book, Cocktail Time. Although I have never seen her Food Network show, I assure you it did not stop me from rushing home from work to whip up a batch of Cranberry Margarittas and enjoying them all the same. Page after page of the book is filled with everything from sophisticatedly different to delightfully down-home easy drinks. The best news, there are drinks that are socially acceptable to drink at all hours of the day included in the book. The book also pairs food recipes and non-alcoholic drinks with the alcoholic recipes. So whip up some Cheesy Chili Fries with a non-alcoholic Maple Shake for the kids and an Autumn Coffee with mocha liqueur for yourself and call it a day.

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