Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Well-Read Commuter Reviews: Polar Obsession

Polar Obsession
By: Paul Nicklen

What this book is about:
In this spectacular work, National Geographic photographer and biologist Paul Nicklen breaks new ground with stunning images of life in the polar reaches, and delivers critical new insights into animal behavior and the climate change that threatens the ice and its inhabitants. Paul spent his childhood exploring the frozen tundra and seascape of the Canadian Arctic. His award-winning photographs of Arctic and Antarctic wildlife tell powerful stories about the intricate web of life supported by sea ice, and the ongoing threat of climate change to these fragile ecosystems. Nicklen's intimate portraits of creatures above and below the ice focus attention on the plight facing the polar regions, while his passionate text recounts his remarkable encounters with animals at the ends of the Earth.

Did you like this book:
This is a high quality “coffee table” book with 240 pages of visually stunning photographs. It is a beautiful piece of artwork for your home. I should add a disclaimer that I have always had a fondness for coffee table books. As much as the pictures you choose to hang on the wall, your coffee table book can assist in setting the tone for the room. That being said, this book is filled with beautiful, unique and powerful shots. Nicklen takes you places in the Arctic and with the animals that are not often seen. The book gives you almost a sense of calm and peace as with each turn of the page the photos seem to transport you to another era. The stress of the day melts away and there are no cell phones ringing, televisions blaring or kids whining- just peace and majesty as you melt into the book and the pallet of whites and blues. Photography as an art is alive and well. You can get a copy to give as a holiday gift, but you had better get one for yourself too, otherwise you won’t be able to part with it.

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