Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Well-Read Commuter Reviews: Merchants of Deception

Merchants of Deception

By Eric Scheibeler

What this book is about: Eric Scheibeler and his wife longed for financial security and stability so they could enjoy their growing family. In the early 1980’s they thought they found the answer in a company called Amway. Instead, to their horror, they were plunged into a downward spiral that nearly cost them everything including their marriage and health. This book was written by a former government auditor and high level Amway insider who was the last one who wanted to discover massive consumer fraud. This book is gripping tale for anyone who has been or loves someone who has been recruited into a network marketing business or who is just interested in learning more about such businesses. This well documented book has been utilized by government authorities in both India and the UK to take action against Amway's deceptive business scheme which knowingly has created losses for the majority of all induced to invest.

Did you like this book: I had a mild interest in the subject matter when I picked up this book even though I am not too familiar with Amway or network marketing businesses. To be honest, I was mostly just curious as to how in the world selling soap and lip balm could lead someone to complete financial and personal ruin. As I worked my way through this book I was quickly educated as to how sick and twisted the American dream can become in the wrong hands. This true-life tale did not disappoint. I was completely unprepared for the white-knuckle wild ride that Scheibeler takes the reader on. The book is well written, a good length and I thought it was priced right. You don’t just have to take Scheibeler’s word about Amway as this isn’t your average kiss and tell book. Scheibeler backs his claims up with facts as noted in the footnotes and testimonials from many others who have found themselves in similar situations.

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Tex said...

Eric is exactly correct when it comes to the Amway tool scam. Read about it on my blog, I suggest you start here: http://tiny.cc/D5oJh and forward the information to everyone you know, so they don't get scammed.