Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Well-Read Commuter Reviews: Mommy's Little Girl

By: Diane Fanning

What this book is about: When news broke of three-year old Caylee Anthony's disappearance from her home in Florida in July of 2008, there was an outpouring of sympathy from across the nation. The search made front page headlines and thrust her mother into the spotlight. Soon a huge question mark began to hang over the case: the girl's mother.

Did you like this book: If you think that you have read it all and heard it all when it comes to the murder of Caylee Anthony, think again. True Crime author Diane Fanning is back and better than ever. Fanning must have poured over thousands of hundreds of documents, interviews and videos about the investigation to bring us her latest book. The pace of the book is good and Fanning's writing style if fabulous. True Crime lovers will delight as you delve into the unusual world of Casey Anthony.

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