Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Book Review: At First Sight

I just have to say I am starting to love Nicholas Sparks. He doesn't always end the same way (happy ending, sad ending etc). So it leaves you on your toes a little. In terms of this particular book - I found it heart-wrenching in a good way.

I had been listening to many of his other books on CD. In fact I listened to the prequel of this book on CD and enjoyed it. But this one was just more.. It made me think of all the other books I read about romances that had ended and we just assume it is all easy living after that. And this just shows you that it isn't the case at all. Being in a relationship is a lot of hard work. Just because you love each other that may not be enough. You need more to base a life on.

Just having had a child this was something I could relate in terms of the whole baby thing. Good for those that want to have a great cry.


Unknown said...

I’m not really a book reader but I’ve heard a lot of comments about Nicolas spark. He’s actually my best friend’s favorite author. I’d love to read one of his books, just for curiosity of what really is the fuzz all about.

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Unknown said...

If it’s written by Nicolas sparks it’s a romantic book, his is the best romantic book author for me.