Sunday, March 7, 2010

Book Review: Dear John

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

I started listening to this book on CD and was immediately hooked. The writing was intriguing and the person reading the book only made it more real. The voice was perfect for this book. The southern twang made it feel like real people might have been talking.

As for the story it was good. I haven't read a lot of Nicholas Sparks before now and this made me want to get many more books on CD from him. The idea that two people meet and have a great connection and work hard to stay together through distance and time. But things sometimes get in the way of true love. Do they belong together? Do they belong apart? Can you really know someone when you spend so little time actually together?

I also found the fact that the book is written in the male perspective - interesting. Most of the time things that I think of as romantic (and this book is romantic) are written in the female voice. But not this one - and I don't think that takes away any of the appeal for women to read it.

This book puts it all together - 9/11, war, love, romance, doing what is right in a package that I think anyone would like.

As a side note I have been noticing commercials for the movie coming out. This book makes me want to see it!

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