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Author Article: Infatuation or Love

The Infatuation or Love Quiz

 By Sherrie Dillard,
Author of Love and Intuition: A Psychic's Guide to Creating Lasting Love

Our intuition is constantly bombarding us with unspoken intuitive messages about others, especially those with who we share a romantic interest. But how do you know what the intuitive feelings, sensations and mysterious messages really mean?
You may for instance, feel drawn, almost magnetized to another and are not sure why? Has a certain someone ever walked into the room and your stomach churns and your palms sweat? Or you wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of a dream about your partner? Even though you have not yet spoken to one another, every time the new hire passes your desk your heart races and your body trembles, why? Have you ever felt that your boyfriend was being dishonest but disregarded the feeling because you had no proof or evidence to back it up?
Everyone has innate intuitive ability and even when you ignore or suppress it, your intuition is always at work. Although it may seem hard to understand, spontaneous and even confusing, with a little focus and practice your intuition can become a powerful relationship ally.
To receive the most benefit from your innate intuitive sensing, pay attention to how those sometimes subtle and sometimes not so subtle intuitive messages emerge. You may for instance, receive intuitive impressions in your body as a "gut feeling" or tingles of shivers up your spine. I had a friend who pays attention when she gets what she call goose bumps up and down her arms. This is to her a sign that her intuition is trying to tell her something. Some people get immediate mental thoughts and impressions about others. While some may be empathetic and feel what a loved one feels even when they are miles away. Your intuition might surface in your dreams and even in your daydreams.
Once you are more familiar with the way that your intuition most often emerges, you can begin to decipher the meaning and message behind those feelings, thoughts, sensations and impressions. This is not always easy, especially at the beginning of a relationship when you are hopeful, excited and stimulated by the prospects of a new love. The rush of energy, the tingling and the inner sense of connection that you might be feeling does not always mean that you will have a positive fulfilling relationship with him or her. Your intuition may be sending you a message that you have just met a true partner it might also be signaling you to run the other way.
The following questions will help you to discern the unspoken intuitive messages that often accompany the beginning of a relationship.
1. When it comes to a romantic or potential romantic partner which statement is most true?
a. I feel relaxed, safe and can be vulnerable and completely honest when I am with him or her.

b. I have a nagging sense that something is not right and not adding up

c. We have a highly charged emotional connection
2. When I am in my partner or potential partner's presence or even when I think of him or her my body:
a. relaxes and I feel a sense of calm

b. tightens and I feel tense

c. I become intensely sexually stimulated
3. I want my intuition to help me to:
a. increase my ability to feel and express love

b. figure out what my partner is thinking or feeling

c. alert me as to when my partner is lying or deceiving me

4. I have had sudden moments that seem to come out of nowhere where:
a. I feel my heart expanding with love and compassion

b. feel as if I need to have sex with my partner to assure that we are close

c. have an impending sense of doom

5. When it comes to my romantic relationship my inner voice is telling me to:
a. trust and let go of outcomes

b. take care of myself

c. heal my past emotional wounds

If you answered most questions a, Your intuition is signaling you to the start of a healthy and loving relationship. Keep listening to the inner promptings that are encouraging you to grow and evolve. Love is an active participatory journey. The more self aware, honest and forgiving you are with yourself the more able you will be to give and share with another. Love does not happen to us. Instead as you engage in the process of listening within and honest communication with your partner the stronger the love bond will become.
If you answered most of the questions b, your relationship may be more infatuation than love. The relationship may be exciting, energizing and fun but it may not have the true love potential that you are looking for. If you find that you feel increasing off balance, tense or sense that something feels "off" or "not right" about the relationship, trust your feelings even if you do not have tangible evidence to support your intuition. Increase communication with your partner, ask the tough questions and be honest about whether or not the relationship is able to support your core needs and desires. Listen to your inner voice and trust its guidance, even if does not tell you what you want to hear.
If you answered most of the question c, your relationship may cause you more pain than joy.

When you find that your intuitive attention is focused more on your partner than yourself you may be heading into a co-dependent relationship. Co-dependence is an insidious emotional cycle where your happiness and sense of well being is dependent on the moods and feelings of your partner. In a long term co-dependent relationship you run the risk of losing your sense of inner power, self worth and self esteem. If you are in this kind of relationship, take time to tune into your intuition. Listen to the wise and loving voice within as it will guide you toward taking the necessary steps to heal and move forward either in or out of the relationship.

Your intuition is always at work. It is an innate and invaluable sense that when listened to can help you maneuver the often tricky waters of dating. Your intuition can signal you as to the beginning a fantastic relationship or it can warn you of potential heartbreak. To make the most of intuitive guidance, spend time in silence, breathing, relaxing and allowing the inner voice to emerge. Trust and act on what you receive. Know that when you do you will be lead to a supportive and loving relationship.
© 2010 Sherrie Dillard, author of Love and Intuition: A Psychic's Guide to Creating Lasting Love
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Author of the bestselling Discover Your Psychic Type, Sherrie Dillard has been a New Thought pastoral counselor, professional psychic, medium, and teacher for over twenty years. She has taught classes and workshops, both nationally and internationally, on the life-enhancing aspects of intuition development. Her writing has also appeared in New Age Journal and on and  For more information please visit and follow the author on Facebook.

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