Monday, July 5, 2010

July Book Giveaway- Our Summer Cleaning= Your Summer Reading

We have over 20 books to give away this month!  To enter respond to this post with just your first name and then e-mail your address and the books you are interested in winning to Winners will be announced all month. Our summer clean up equals your summer reading! Whether you are traveling, on a staycation or haven't had a vacation since Clinton was in office, try some new authors and enjoy some great summer reading on us.

Playing House Product Description

When Playing House appeared in 1973, Publishers Weekly hailed it, “A probing descent into madness that will fascinate the same audience that appreciated I Never Promised You a Rose Garden.” This nationally bestselling story of one woman’s struggle with the lasting effects of a childhood sexual relationship with her brother shocked American readers; it remains a literary work of enduring quality and value. In his foreword Philip Roth writes, “The traumatized child; the institutionalized wife; the haunting desire; the ghastly business of getting through the day – what is striking about Wagman’s treatment of these contemporary motifs is the voice of longing in which the heroine shamelessly confesses to the incestuous need that is at once her undoing and her only hope.”

An interesting book on unique cost-saving ideas when planning a wedding. 

Apostate Theory Product Description: America’s pending withdrawal of its military from the Middle East in the wake of the Apostate’s promises and congressional demands, has made the fishing ports at Marka, Somalia on the shores of the Indian Ocean, and the Port of Sudan on the Red Sea, the locations of choice for the new Muslim terrorist camps. It does not matter what you or I believe. What does matter is what the world of Islam believes. The Americans spit in Allah's face when they chose the Apostate over the woman. Men are flocking to the camps to avenge Allah and His Messinger. In order to assimilate the refugees into mainstream America there would be religious concessions in America's schools and workplaces. Secular laws pertaining to marriage, divorce and criminal punishment would be reviewed to accommodate the growing communities. The Twin Towers will no longer be America's worst nightmare.

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