Thursday, July 8, 2010

More FREE Books in the July Book Giveaway

We have over 20 books to give away this month! To enter respond to this post with just your first name and then e-mail your address and the books you are interested in winning to Winners will be announced all month. Our summer cleaning equals your summer reading! Whether you are traveling, on a staycation or haven't had a vacation since Clinton was in office, try some new authors and enjoy some great summer reading on us.

Wake Up! You're Never Going to Look Like That Product Description:
Through humorous life stories, clever anecdotes, and brutally honest reality checks, this award-winning former syndicated newspaper columnist takes on the mass-media-driven myth that we should all be striving to achieve the perfect body. 'Wake Up' is an optimistic testimonial that weight loss success belongs to those who understand how to deal with the chronic state of starvation that anyone who diets has to deal with, and that slow and steady works while a quick fix produces failure and disappointment.

Whatever happened to Cinderella after the ball?  Did she live happily ever after with her prince?  Greenberg puts together a short read that women of all ages on their journey to happiness can enjoy.

Conflicts with Interest Product Description:
T.R. Morgan, a seasoned building professional, finds himself entangled in the combined corruption of the high profile law firm that is attacking him and the insurance companies that are supposed to defend him. Still enduring the painful memories brought on by the tragic death of his wife, he soon finds out, nothing involving lawyers and insurance companies happens quickly. Instead of resolution, T.R., unwittingly enters a world of human trafficking, drugs, and illicit sex taking place behind the scenes. And his story comes forward to an explosive climax that no one could possibly foresee, least of all T.R. himself. This suspenseful tale of contemporary fiction is packed with enlightenment and high-stakes characters; provoking thought on a new subject in a new light.

How to Be a Hero to Your Kids:
You don't have to be a super-parent to be a hero to your kids. All it takes is love, motivation and a workable plan. Josh McDowell and Dick Day offer a six-point, biblically-based plan for positive parenting that will set you on the path to being a hero to your child.

Solace Product Description: There is no more stressful and traumatic experience than coping with the death of a loved one. There are various stages of grief and loss, which often take months or even years for many people to overcome. But with the right guidance, readers can learn to lessen the pain and live happy lives. "Solace" provides soothing comfort and hope for those who are suffering. As an award-winning bereavement expert, Roberta Temes believe all of us experience and process grief in our own way. Here she helps readers through the stages of grief, tells them when they should worry, helps them consider the pros and cons of bereavement groups and counselors, and shows them how to use visualization to help the healing process. Featuring anecdotes drawn from her bereavement practice so readers may learn from the experiences of others who have also gone through and struggled with loss, "Solace" is also filled with comforting affirmations, quotations and words of encouragement. Dealing with loss is never easy, but this book provides a calming companion to help readers through their mourning and begin enjoying life again.


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