Thursday, November 15, 2007

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace by Danielle Steel

A cast of players that include a nineteen year old grammy winning singer, a good doing not so typical nun, a Pulitzer winning photographer, and a high society housewife round out this novel. All set against the possibility of a terrible San Francisco earthquake changing their lives. It follows them and how fate continues to bring them together and let them grow in both good (and bad) ways toward a future.

With some romance, a lot of showing how good in people helps the world and a general positive note this book was a quick fun read. While not everything in life is good it overwhelming leaves a good feeling in your heart.

Romance: 3 (Lots of relationship analyzing and movement towards closure)
Sex: 2 (They have sex but don’t really get into it)
Mystery: 1 (Not really any here)
Violence: 2 (An earthquake leaves destruction)
Overall: 3

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