Friday, November 9, 2007

Lick of Frost

Lick of Frost By Laurell K Hamilton
Book 6 in the Meredith Gentry Series

Princess Meri is back in trouble again. With her band of sidhe men at her side to do her bidding in every way (I am sorry if this sounds dirty but if you have read any of these other books – you would know that it is meant to sound dirty) . This time her uncle the King Taranis is after her and he is trying to use legal means to get to her.

This book definitely fits in the series and it is always fun to see Meredith again. Though I have to say I felt the book was definitely too short and didn’t have enough “stuff” in it. While things happened that will help future books – and it moved the story along a little – part of me felt like this was a filler novel in the series. And if you are looking for some of the standard crazy Laurell K. Hamilton sexual scenes – you will definitely be disappointed in this book.

Romance: 3 (Hey Meri loves her men, she just loves all of them, distinguishing love and sex in this case can be hard)
Sex: 3 (I never thought I would give one of her books only a 3)
Mystery:2 (You know who did it.. Pretty much always.)
Violence: 3
Overall: 3 (Not my favorite in the series – but still you have to read it if you love the books because some important things come out!)

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