Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Play Dirty

Play Dirty by Sandra Brown

Griff Burkett has done some bad things in his life that have landed him in jail. Just as he is getting out he is propositioned with some easy work that can give him back the life he is accustomed (wealth) by Laura and Foster Speakman. Foster can no longer get his wife pregnant and desperately wants a child the old fashioned way and wants Griff to make his wife pregnant (and no one else to know). What they don’t know is some of the ghost’s of Griff’s past are going to meet up with some of the craziness of this arrangement and make for some bad times for all.

This book was an interesting read but at the same time it was really hard for me to like anyone. I don’t particularly like “bad” guys who are former convicts unless they didn’t really do it. I don’t like women who cheat on their husbands even if it is with their permission and feel bad about it. So it takes a long time to really like the characters even though the author tries. She gives you everything you need to like them. Just a little to late.

Romance: 1.5 (Bringing lube to sex is not romantic – trying is but still it just doesn’t do it for me)
Sex: 3 (A book about impregnanting your wife for you has to have some sex in it)
Mystery:2 (Since you don’t think the bad guy is really a bad guy there aren’t a lot of options.)
Violence: 2.5 (People die and get hurt. So is life)
Overall: 2.5 (I would read others of her books it wasn’t so bad that I had to put it down. I just didn’t really like anyone in the book. I didn’t care when they were done. I didn’t want to know what happened to them.)

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