Saturday, November 10, 2007

An Ice Cold Grave

An Ice Cold Grave By Charlaine Harris
Book 3 in the Harper Connelly Mystery Series

Harper can find dead people and tell you what killed them. So a small town in North Carolina asks Harper and Tolliver (her step-brother who she has a big crush on) to come help them find a bunch of missing teenage boys. Some townspeople are convinced they are dead and considering more and more keep disappearing over the years they want to figure out what is going on. She of course finds them immediately and the rest is a task of finding out who did it. Harper tries to get out of that part of the task (as she can only see what killed them not who) but inevitably gets drawn into things.

I really like the supernatural twist on the mystery novel. It isn’t horribly unbelievable in that they have a good backstory as to why she has these “powers”. Not to mention both Harper and her brother are likeable characters. I also like the fact you don’t find out 10 pages into the mystery novel who did it (to me that isn’t a mystery). So for easy going, fun mystery reading this is a definite.

Romance: 2.5 (Charlaine has bumped it up a notch in this novel and given love a some attention of a feature)
Sex: 3 (Both sex and rape are described in this novel, though rape not in horrible depth)
Mystery: 4.5
Violence: 3
Overall: 4

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