Saturday, November 17, 2007

Free Fall

Free Fall by Fern Michaels

This is the last book in the main Sisterhood series. It is Yoko’s turn to find her father and get revenge on him for how his behavior killed her mother. He is both a great Hollywood actor and someone who runs a large underage prostitution ring. The Sisterhood plots, plans, and exacts their revenge with the authorities and two pesky reporters on their heals.

This is definitely a series about women empowerment. They have been treated poorly by someone in their lives and they are ready to take back their depression and pain and reuse that in a “productive” manner by making the world a better place by hurting those who hurt them.

Romance: 1 (They have people they like but that isn’t the reason this story is being told).
Sex: 3 (People have it but again it isn’t something of importance, at the same point this is a story about underage prostitution rings. So the filth of that behavior bumps this up a point.)
Mystery: 2 (You always know who did it and why they did it. The main question in your mind is how are they going to get back to them)
Violence: 2.5 (They get back at people without killing them)
Overall: 2.5 (It was good but not my favorite book ever. It is nice that all the women got their story – and it looks like it may not be ending).

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